Channel-on-Demand Overview

Introducing Channel-on-Demand®

Next Generation PRM™

Our Channel-on-Demand Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software application offers companies that sell through third-parties a single, integrated system to market, sell, and service their products more effectively – in a fashion that traditional CRM applications can’t easily support.

Channel-on-Demand enables companies to:

  • Manage channel data
  • Recruit new partners
  • Develop and manage partner profiles & tiers
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate, educate and train partners
  • Provision marketing and sales materials
  • Integrate with back-end systems
  • Deploy marketing development funds
  • Manage opportunities
  • Distribute leads
  • Incentivize, Reward and pay
  • Gain insight into channel performance

Channel-on-Demand manages all aspects of the partner lifecycle. It powers multi-lingual, multi-currency partner programs in over 100 countries and scales easily to tens of thousands of partners.

Next Generation PRM via Channel-on-Demand is based on modern technology that readily facilitates integration, customization and extensibility. Its process-oriented architecture has the adaptability to support the highly variable partner program models of B2B vendors, with:

  • A unified data repository – the ‘Single View of the Channel’
  • Database schema support for hybrid partner business models
  • Integration to other in-house systems
  • Business rules/process and workflow management
  • Tier management
  • Mobile and social communications/engagement support
  • Partner marketing program management

The solution delivers a personalized and relevant experience to your partners via a user interface that can be highly tailored and compliant with organizational brand guidelines. Accessed via the Cloud, its power, simplicity and relevance ensures that your partners will find you easy to do business with.

A major differentiator of The Planet Group is the support we offer, including full end-to-end program support, plus payment and fulfillment services. Rely on us to optimize your channel programs.

Channel-on-Demand® Mobile

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the de-facto user interface. Hardware development in the marketplace is spread across four screen sizes (Large Screen, Computer (desktop/laptop), Tablet and Smartphone. Planet’s strategy is to focus on two core screens – namely Computer and Tablet – with a focused experience on Smartphone devices that is sensible and practical (considering the screen size limitations) based on a business user community. To cater for this, Planet deploys Responsive Design and HTML5.

A “responsive design” site responds to the user’s device to deliver content and user experience that is appropriate, vs screen size and orientation. This means that we can deploy:

  • A single site for all web experience
  • A single code base for all web experiences
  • ‘Develop Once’ – and then deploy to all HTML5 compliant devices. It is device-agnostic

The benefits of this are:

  • a reduction in maintenance costs, as there is reduced dependency on the underlying OS and upgrades
  • there is no need for a ‘mobile version’ of the portal or the application modules