The Essentials

Single View of the Channel

Channel-on-Demand® has a flexible and highly configurable Partner Relationship Management (PRM) infrastructure with configurable workflows, customizable forms and configurable look and feel. It is designed to be deployed internationally, so is multi-language, multi-currency, secure, robust and scalable. It has a comprehensive security model based on roles, groups and access controls, plus controls to audit partner and company activities.

The Channel-on-Demand™ PRM Database acts as a central repository for all partner-related data. It provides the foundation for all content to be delivered via the Portal, plus the workflow-driven business processes and user interactions required for all the business-process modules, including Leads, Deal Registration, Rebates, Incentive/Loyalty program management and MDF management. In the absence of a CRM system, it can support all the usual processes and CRM data collection aspects related to partner individuals; it can also be integrated to a Client’s choice of CRM system and share relevant data. It can be supplemented by regular or live data feeds from external systems in order to create an holistic “single view of the Channel”. It will keep track of all user interaction and behavior.

The database that provides the foundation for the partner portal and business process modules is typically built upon a blend of the Client’s data that can include profile information for partner organizations, people, competencies (including certifications), products, POS revenue etc. as required. It will also support common partner / Channel structures, multiple partner tiers as well as distributors. The profile information held in the database can be used to determine what a particular partner or client user is allowed to view, the language to be presented, currencies and general eligibility.

Benefits of Unified Data

The data drives the modules, content and ability to report within the platform and can be as extensive as a customer requires.
The benefits of unified data include:

  • Ease of understanding from a partner/user perspective – consolidated data is served up in a ‘single-view’ via easy to understand dashboards
  • Internal customer visibility – provides holistic and intelligent views of behavior and success; consolidated data enables informed decision making
  • Ability to segment and track behavior aligned to individuals/partners, ensuring that future activities are specific to known behaviors and identified preferences
  • A unified platform serving multiple divisions & sub-segments of a business can provide significant business advantages including:
    • Lower running costs, increased visibility (metrics) cross business unit/ activity type, holistic user engagement metrics, intelligence at a glance, heightened ease of use (partner and internal); it’s extensible, flexible & future proof