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3 Techniques to Improve Your Strategy of Marketing

These following three techniques below will help you to grow your technology company. They will also help you in selling your services and products beyond your expectation. Those techniques are from one of the best marketing company’s experiences in helping one of the world’s leading B2B tech companies and poker uang asli. So, here are three techniques to improve your strategy of marketing for products related to technology.

1. Free trials and demos

Some people usually say, “show, don’t tell”. Your customers usually want to see what you’ve got in action and get their own experience about it (how it feels and how it works). That’s why describing the tool is not enough. A lot of products vendors usually have some kind of free trial or demo choice available recently. You need to remember that a lot of customers will choose your competitors’ product if you can’t offer a more innovative product; at least a product that is now trending.

Strategy of Marketing

Strategy of Marketing

Tips: You can make a demo of the sandbox on your company’s website. People will be able to play around with your tool that you are going to sell. You can also offer pre-recorded, free demos of your tool and maybe you can differentiate each tool with the different customer profile.

2. Customized leave and slides-behinds

Based on a study in 2017, it shows that decision makers and in big companies and tech buyers expect face-to-face, in-person demo when creating their last IT decision of buying. They want to look at your product closer in action. They also want to ask your salespeople about what they have in mind related to the products directly.
Tips: You should create customized presentations using PowerPoint and demos that are coherent to the scenario of your client. You also need brochures of leave-behind and the other collateral including eBooks that are branded that you can put on your desk.

Strategy of Marketing

Strategy of Marketing

3. Collab with analyst and influencers

Influencers and analyst remain an important source of knowledge for tech buyers. They are also one of the biggest influences at the beginning of the cycle’s buying. Buyers talk to an analyst for a direction on the product and an overview of the market that will fit the needs of their organization.
Tips: You should engage with one of the best analyst firms of your choice. You can find guidelines about the ways you should engage with your analyst who probably will mention your name in their notes of research or even talk about you to the potential buyers. You can also engage with influencers related to your sector in social media.

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