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3 Worth-to-Try Marketing Ideas

One of the important keys to maintaining loyal customers to your company is to have a meaningful engagement with them. This is especially needed to be related to technology companies and situs judi poker. One of the ways to make your company stands out among the crowd and competitors out there; you need to set a goal in sending the suitable message to define niches of marketing tightly using several marketing channels. Here are three worth-to-try marketing ideas for technology companies.

  1. Measure marketing ROI and Sales

Technology company marketers and executives should manage their marketing and sales should manage investment like any other investment by monitoring on KPIs which connect to the lower line. By understanding the metrics, you will focus more on that and you will not waste your money and time reaching vanity metrics like shares and post likes.  Even though sometimes it makes sense to see the post likes, you need to remember that they are a matter if they are related to more useful metrics like CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) which is the value of a customer over their business relationship’s lifetime.

Marketing ideas

Marketing ideas

  1. Personalize the Ways of Your Marketing

A survey conducted by The DemandGen Report in 2016 found that over 90% of buyers stated to the winning vendor that shows a stronger and more convincing knowledge of the company and its goal. Technology companies that are successful show a strong and more convincing knowledge about their products and the need from customers by personalizing their marketing ways to follow up every customer and potential prospect.

That’s why it is important to create ideal and personas customer profiles for your targeted segments of the market. To add more information, you should understand the characteristics’ key of your customer to help you personalize the approach to them. It also helps you qualify the best way of the marketing process and more focus on the limited resources of marketing on the perfect opportunities.

Marketing ideas

Marketing ideas

  1. Have Multiple Channels of Marketing

It’s not strongly recommended to put all of your eggs you have in a basket. So, it is the same with any technology marketing too. Based on what business you have, you can try using a mixture of channels including:

  • Referrals
  • Cross-sells and up-sells
  • Inbound marketing
  • Channel marketing
  • Outbound prospecting (telemarketing and email)
  • Social media advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising

For every channel of marketing you use, it is better to have an understandable documented sales process. It aims to manage your CRM software. You also need to have great control for the experiments you do in the future to improve your marketing performance. We hope that those three marketing ideas can help your technology company grows.

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